A Change of Name

My newsletter is now ReImagining Liberty

If you happened to visit the website for this newsletter today, you might’ve noticed things look a little different. I’ve been considering this shift for a while and finally went through with it: My newsletter is now called ReImagining Liberty.

It’s not a big change, no. But it does decouple things a bit from specifically me, and so gives some space to expand the publication to other writers in the future—a project I’m thinking through. I also want to tie the essays I write here more closely to the podcast I host of the same name.

The other piece of news is there’s now a way for you to earn free early access to episodes of that podcast. Just tell your friends about this newsletter, and if they sign-up, you’ll get free premium access. (Free subscribers count. You don’t need to talk your friends into paying for anything.)

That’s all for now. Thank you again for being a subscriber.

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