Nov 2 • 45M

What to Do About Poverty (w/ Michael Tanner)

A conversation about the sources of poverty, reforming welfare, and how markets help the poor.

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Aaron Ross Powell
Michael Tanner
Building the emancipatory and cosmopolitan case for radical social, political, and economic freedom. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell. Produced by Landry Ayres.
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We all want to alleviate poverty, and help those living with it. The hard question is how. The left has a set of ideas, focused on redistribution and the welfare state. The right tends instead to view poverty as the result of moral and cultural failings. Libertarians have their own set of answers, but have often been pretty bad at talking about them in persuasive ways, developing a reputation for just not caring about the poor.

My friend Michael Tanner (@MTannerCato), senior fellow at the Cato Institute, has the kinds of ideas we need more of, and talks about them in the way I wish more of us did. He's had great success in bridging ideological divides while advocating for principled, market and liberty based ways of addressing both immediate and long-term poverty.

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